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    More than off the shelf, Buy American & ARRA Compliant to deliver USA LED made lighting solutions.



    About Us

    Dealers chose to sell LED lighting solutions from Green Lighting LED for specific reasons.  Our USA / Buy American LED lighting solutions ARRA compliant products get made in Erie, Pennsylvania.  The offering is much more than off the shelf.  Our sales team works directly with distributors to specify the right solution for projects.


    “If you want an LED light bulb, then go to Walmart. If you need an LED lighting solution, Green Lighting LED is the only source with the capability and commitment to deliver.” – Lynn, Contractor


    Working directly with Green Lighting LED provides factory direct pricing, American design, engineering and manufacturing, and quality services.  Our services include lighting layout assistance, detailed ROI calculations, financing packages, private labeling, custom manufacturing and much more.


    Learn how to grow your business by working with Green Lighting LED by contacting us directly.  We look forward to working with you.


    Green Lighting LED Financing