LED Lights Are Long Term Investment, Our Energy Savings Calculator Helps!

Relationships get defined today by Facebook status updates.  Twitter impacts personal opinion, which can even influence lots of business decisions.  Did you know Verizon changed its pricing structure because of negative customer feedback on Twitter?  America’s lifestyle of instant news and updates greatly influence our daily decisions, even our purchasing decisions.

LEDs are a current technology that rebels against the trend.  Projections currently have LEDs increasing to 40% of the lighting market by 2016-2017.  It may be possible, but these estimates are probably a little aggressive and go against our culture’s tendencies.  Normal light bulbs cost less than $1.  CFLs (curly lights) cost under $10, so why purchase a product in the $20s or $30s+?  The long term savings are there, but that doesn’t make the initial investment any easier.

LED lights are worth the investment, but your return will take time.  A business making the switch and having lights on for 12+ hours a day can see immediate savings and a return on their investment in 3 years or less, depending on the style of light they replace.  In a business setting, that type of ROI makes tremendous financial sense as many companies project on long term financial strategies.  Those savings lead to better books at the end of the year and can even increase jobs.  A homeowner who uses his or her lights much less will see a much longer ROI.

Is it the right decision to switch?  Absolutely.  Do the savings kick in right away?  Yes.  Will the ROI be immediate for the average home owner…no.  They are a great conversation piece in the home, for sure, but LEDs will take time and by time we are talking years to get your return on investment.  In a world where we demand answers immediately, a $25 light bulb is a tough investment during hard financial times.

We want to help.  Green Lighting LED provides a free Energy Savings Calculator that helps project the exact ROI, total energy savings and complete savings.  Our sales team works with our distributors to provide customers with exact, hard numbers.  These numbers provide the facts necessary to make a long term financial plan that helps your pocketbook and the environment at the same time.

Have an LED lighting project and want to know when you will get a return on your investment?  Contact our sales team today for a free evaluation.

3 thoughts on “LED Lights Are Long Term Investment, Our Energy Savings Calculator Helps!

  1. Steve Davis

    LED lights are great, they are just as good as the old bulbs and they still save energy. As well as some still being as cheap as the old ones are to buy, LED’s are definitely something that I would recommend to others.


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