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Press Release: Green Lighting LED Launches Buy American, DLC Listed LED Tubes

BL-T8-4-18W-DLC TUBEGreen Lighting LED, known for offering the longest full replacement warranties in the LED industry, expanded its USA manufacturing efforts to include LED tubes. Exceeding 100 lm/watt on all of its tubes, the company offers a full replacement 7 year warranty on its product line – exceeding low quality tube manufacturers’ limited warranties of only 3 to 5 years.

How does Green Lighting LED do it? They combine the right engineering and design experience, with the highest quality components and local manufacturing. “It’s all about creating the highest quality luminaire by combining the very best components at a competitive price,” says Joel Gehly, President.

With 7 patents in his name and counting, Mr. Gehly started Green Lighting LED in 2007 with a vision to compete locally and internationally. Having successfully exported to Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Panama, Mexico, Jamaica, the Bahamas and more, this Erie, Pennsylvania based OEM is doing just that.

In an industry bombarded with Chinese knockoffs, the company provides lighting solutions that are on the GSA schedule as Buy American compliant. Pricing for LED tubes, even compared to overseas competitors, is surprisingly inexpensive. As many tubes are DLC listed, the rebates make now the time to switch to LED tubes from Green Lighting LED. Clients can select from multiple color temperatures and lens options all under the DLC listing.

If distributors and contractors are looking for the cheap international stuff, Green Lighting LED recommends everyone keep their Wal-Mart receipt. If clients are interested in quality lighting solutions at competitive prices, they recommend calling Green Lighting LED at 814-897-8870.
Industry leading warranties, Buy American compliance, and competitive pricing are all reasons why LED tubes continue to be a top seller for Green Lighting LED. For more information, visit them online at www.GreenLightingLED.com

Free LED Light Bulb Contest


We dropped our patented and virtuously indestructible LEDshine360 a bunch of times, then lit it up!  Light bulbs typically shatter and splinter.  Don’t try this at home, unless it’s with our bulb.  Oh, you don’t own an LEDshine360 light bulb?  Well, today is your lucky day.

Email Info@GreenLightingLED.com with the total number of times we dropped the LEDshine360 in our recent YouTube video.  Make the email title, ‘Give me your bulbs!’ and send the total number of drops in the email.  All responses received before Friday, May 31st will be entered into a drawing where we will give away a number of the most indestructible light bulb on the planet – the LEDshine360.

How many times did we drop our LED light bulb in this video? 

You can count with your fingers.  You can count with your toes.  You can count with silver dollars because you’ll save so much energy by switching to the LEDshine360.  The average customer saves about $250 over the life of one bulb.  Not too shabby for just watching a video, counting each drop, and sending an email.

We know you’ll be so busy liking and tweeting this page that you won’t have much time on your hands, but send us an email.  We want to make sure our friends and customers can count.  Your reward, a bright, shiny, drop-proof free LED light bulb to show off at your next dinner party you can now afford from the energy savings of your new light bulb.

Over the top…maybe?  A free LED light bulb, oh yeah!