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Complete Project LED Financing for Lights & Fixtures

Green Lighting LED Now Offers Easy LED Financing Options for Lights & Installation

Green Lighting LED now offers financing options for all projects including both the cost of lights and installation.

LED light bulbs and fixtures are the longest lasting and most efficient on the planet.  They are also the most expensive.  Everyone wants to save 80% on their lighting, and a 2-3 year ROI for an investment is pretty solid – especially considering we warranty all of our bulbs for 5 years and our fixtures for 20 years, but not everyone has the cash to buy the bulbs up front.  Savings add up to the tens of thousands of dollars for most projects, but what about the initial investment?

Let’s say you are a manufacturer with a warehouse filled with old, orange, high pressure sodium light bulbs.  Every day you listen to the steady buzz of ballasts under the light of a setting sun.  Still, those 100 fixtures would need a solid chunk of cash flow to switch to LED lights.

Green Lighting LED now offers the solution for you.  Each of our distributors works directly with Green Lighting LED to offer all customers and contractors financing for LED projects:

Financing Solutions for Your Next LED Lighting Project

See what’s possible when you have the financial flexibility to present financing solutions to your clients by selling LED lighting solutions from Green Lighting LED.  This comprehensive financing option includes both the lights and installation.

How it works for qualified buyers:

  • We provide a simple, one page application and credit decisions are made within 24 hours.
  • No financials required for purchases up to $150,000 and terms from 12 to 72 months.
  • Incredible tax benefits in many cases up to $500,000 is a 100% tax deduction.
  • No large up front depostit or out of pocket cost for purchasing LED lighting.

What gets financed/leased?

The ENIRE PROJECT including LED lights through Green Lighting LED from our distributors & all installation costs.  Learn more about how we support our distributors with financing options for their customers by contacting us today.