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LED Light Bulbs Smashed with a Hockey Stick & Golf Clubs

Most days you probably feel like taking your old, inefficient light bulbs and smashing or them with a golf club, or hockey stick…

Alright, maybe not before, but now?!  We do too, but unfortunately CFL lights are too dangerous to break because they have mercury.  This made us want to break something EVEN MORE.  LED lights are always known as durable, but just how durable?  Can you play catch with them…hit them with a baseball bat…drop them on the floor?  We smashed ours to find out…

At first, this sounds like a fun exercise where we have too much time on our hands at the office.  Maybe that’s true, but think about a child dropping a heavy light bulb off of a shelf or knocking over a lamp.  Wouldn’t you like to know that the bulb (and child) are both safe?

We put our LEDshine360 light bulb to the test next to Cree’s brand new Cree Bulb.  We have mad love for Cree and think they are a terrific manufacturer.  But for the record, not only does our product perform better, our bulb name is a little bit more creative.

Both bulbs are seen in the two videos getting smashed by professional golfer Tiger Woods look-not-so-much-alike amateur Josh and professional hockey player Wayne Gretzky look-a-like Aaron.  Only one bulb lives up to the test and that’s the LEDshine360.  Its durability is unmatched even in comparison with other LED light bulbs!

So go ahead, let your kids run around the house knocking over lamps as they go…or play hot potato with your light bulbs as these LEDs are cool enough to touch…or juggle a couple with some friends, but only if those light bulbs are LEDshine360 bulbs from Green Lighting LED.  Enjoy the video clips!

Quest for the Holy Grail: LED A19 Light Bulb Beam Angle

Lighting manufacturers worldwide have a quest, a prize, a holy grail.  Make an energy efficient, regular, old fashioned light bulb.  Consumers today aren’t happy with compact fluorescent (CFLs) that look more like a water park slide than a bulb.  If facts, hundreds of people have hoarded traditional incandescent lights in anticipation of the government pulling them off of our retail shelves.

LED lights have the same quest for the holy grail of lighting.  GE and Phillips manufacture light bulbs that look like a claw, mushroom or snow cone, respectively.  They don’t look like a standard incandescent light bulb.  They aren’t the Holy Grail, just a transitional technology.  They look great inside a lampshade, but look alien and out of place on their own.  Plus, you can’t clamp a lampshade to any of those light bulbs.

LEDshine360 6 Watt LED Light Bulb

LEDshine360 – The Holy Grail of LED Lighting.  It looks just like a light bulb should.

Phillips A19 LED Light Bulb

Phillips A19 LED looks more like a mushroom than a light bulb.

The problem is LED beam angle

s are directional and the key to long life is extracting heat away from the diodes.  That’s why you often see the snow cone effect.  Manufacturers just put the LEDs on a flat surface and the cone is just the aluminum heat sink.  Bulky, visually unappealing, and limits the beam angle of the lamp to 180 degrees.Would you settle for half a lamp?  Would you settle for a beam angle that only shines up, not out or down?

LED A19 Comparison

Our LEDshine360 shines evenly in every direction directly contrasted with a box store item that only shines up.

Most people don’t, which is why most LEDs sit on the shelves at box stores not moving while pe

ople still hoard incandescent light bulbs.  The lights look different and don’t conform to the standard beam angle or look requirements.The LEDshine360 is the Holy Grail of the lighting industry.  Our patented heat sink technology positions diodes modularly along an aluminum heat sink directly connected to the LED driver.  The driveris encased within a ceramic heat sink.  The light bulb has a horizontal beam angle of 360 degrees – no compromises.  It looks like a standard light bulb – no confusion.If you’re looking for an energy efficient light bulb that looks just like a regular light bulb, this is it.  The only difference will be in your energy bill.