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Friday Night (LED) Lights: Golf at Night

Have you ever been up late at night thinking about the drive on 13 that sliced into the rough?  You took a snowman after three putting and wish you had that putt all over again.  But it’s too late, the course is closed and it’s 1 am.

Time to hit the links!  Today for our Friday Night (LED) Light series we are talking about night golf.  An idea like this would have seemed ridiculous just a few years ago, but today many golf courses even offer fun tournaments in the evening for players.

LED Night Golf

Night Golf is an unexpected testimony of the durability of LED lights.

We reviewed the product line and have to admit, this is fun even in the snow of Erie, PA…and can you tell we miss July/kind of wish we were in Hawaii to watch some PGA tour action live?  You’ll lose some distance and make sure you play quickly — you only ten 10 minutes after your shot and the lights go out.

Here’s the key: LED lighting makes a technology like night golf possible.  Incandescent light bulbs have a filament which could never withstand the impact of titanium impacting the ball at 90 mph (for an average male golfer).    The ball actually absorbs that impact and bounces off of the club face – hopefully straight down the fairway.  While you lose distance by taking a chunk of the ball to use for power and the diodes, no filament is needed.  Check out the promotional video here:

Whether during the day or at night, the next time you swing your club, it’s a testimony to the durability of LED lighting.  LEDs can withstand the blow of your mightiest drive — allowing you to sneak out on that golf course once the winter finally passes by.