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For Immediate Release: 0% Interest Financing for LED Distributors

Green Lighting LED offers all of its distributors 0% financing for 6 months on all stock orders and project sales.

Time is money.  Don’t pay for stocked product sitting on the shelf.  Don’t pay for product and wait …30…60…90…120+ days to see cash from the customer.  Our 0% financing options help contractors and distributors keep positive cash flow while selling LED lighting solutions to their customers.

Option 1: Financing to Stock – LED Lighting Inventory

Stocking inventory is expensive and hurts cash flow.  In the commercial market, competition is high and lots of products are flooding the marketplace.  Companies need to sell LED lights and fixtures to stay competitive in the lighting industry.  Still, stocking fixtures, lamps or light bulbs to service customers takes an investment returned only when product sells.

Option 2: Financing to Sell – LED Lighting for Project

Contractors and distributors often find themselves caught with negative cash flow for 3~6 months after they sell a lighting project.  On a $50,000 project, manufacturers often charge a down payment and require full payment within 30 days.  It may take that time for the LED lights to be installed and another 30~60 days to receive payment from the customer ONLY IF there are no delays.

Most lighting contractors and distributors wait 90~120 days from start to finish on an LED lighting project for payment.  Many times, these companies have paid for the product waiting for delivery, installation, and final customer payment before finally getting paid.

Green Lighting LED makes selling LED lighting easy for contractors and distributors with 0% financing for 6 months for all stocked inventory and project sales.

Our innovative 6 Month 0% Interest Dealer LED Inventory & Project Program:

  • 6 months 0% interest financing
  • One advance payment (first month + $150 document fee)
  • Minimum order is $10,000
  • Maximum order is $200,000
  • Principle payoffs are not required as equipment is sold through cash or lease
  • This program can be used also for dealer lines of credit

For an example, distributor X orders $20,000 of inventory OR contractor Y orders $20,000 of LED lights and fixtures for a project.  The monthly payment would be $3,333.33 a month for 6 months.  The advanced payment would be $3,483.33.  At the end of the term, there would be a $1 buyout.

By offering simple and interest free financing for customer projects, Green Lighting LED makes selling LED lighting solutions easy for its distributors.  Green Lighting LED designs, develops, and manufactures quality LED products. Learn more about how to take advantage of this program by calling 814-897-8870 or visiting us online at http://www.GreenLightingLED.com/Project-Financing

Pennsylvania LED Grant for Small Businesses to Upgrade Lighting

Governor Tom Corbett today encouraged Pennsylvania small-business owners to apply for DEP’s Small Business Advantage Grant to finance pollution prevention and energy efficiency projects.

In this LED grant, businesses can apply for 50-percent matching funds of up to $9,500 to adopt or acquire energy-efficient or pollution-prevention equipment or procedures.

“Supporting projects that promote energy efficiency, especially in small businesses, will help keep Pennsylvania on the path to energy independence,” Corbett said.

Applicants must be a for-profit corporation, limited liability corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship or other legal entity with 100 or fewer full-time employees. The grant-supported project must be located in Pennsylvania, be owned by the applicant and save the business at least 25 percent plus $500 in annual energy consumption or in pollution handling or prevention related expenses.

Applicants may be manufacturers, retailers, service providers, mining operators or agricultural businesses. Eligible projects include high-efficiency LED lighting manufactured in Pennsylvania by Green Lighting LED.

The application deadline is Sept. 6. Eligible applications will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis from July 8 through Sept. 6 or until funds are exhausted, whichever comes first. Funding is eligible on the LED grant for those costs incurred between July 8, 2013 and June 30, 2014.

Applications must be mailed to the Department of Environmental Protection’s Grant Center, P.O. Box 8776, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8776 or hand delivered to DEP’s Grant Center, 15thFloor, Rachel Carson State Office Building, 400 Market St., Harrisburg, PA 17101-2301.  Faxes or electronic submissions will not be accepted.

For more information and to view the application package, instructions and application form, visit www.dep.state.pa.us and click on the “Small Business Advantage Grant” button. To contact the Small Business Ombudsman’s Office, call 717-772-8909 or emailepadvantagegrant@pa.gov. 

Green Lighting LED contact: Josh Gehly, 814-897-8870

We offer additional LED lighting project financing options.  To learn more about LED lighting financing through Green Lighting LED, visit here.