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LEDshine360 LED Light Bulb Receives Multiple Patents Worldwide

The LEDshine360 product series unveiled this Spring through Green Lighting LED received multiple patents worldwide providing essential intellectual property on the new product line.  The LEDshine360 looks and performs just like a standard light bulb.  While most LED A19 series products online shine directionally, the LEDshine360 provides a full 360 horizontal beam spread and it looks identical to a regular, old fashioned light bulb.

LEDshine360 6 Watt LED Light Bulb

LEDshine360 LED Light Bulb

Phillips’ best effort looks, in our humble opinion, like a mushroom.  GE’s best effort looks like a claw is climbing up the sides.  So what is our trick?  Keep everything modular.  LED diodes require soldering from the wires to the driver and is the #1 cause of lamp failure with most LED light bulbs.  By inventing a technology that allows everything to be modular, we eliminate the middle man and allow a more effective heat sink to regulate the temperature and power of the diodes encased by our lens that looks so familiar to families resisting the switch to CFLs or LEDs.

This modular technology, critical for the future of LED lighting, is a patented technology exclusively offered through Green Lighting LED.  For more information about this technology and product line, please contact us for more information.