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Dahlkemper’s Jewelry Connection Goes Green With LED Lighting

Green Lighting LED is always willing to help the Erie, PA community, especially those businesses looking to save money by going green. Dahlkemper’s Jewelry Connection, a family owned, Erie based business for over 50 years underwent an entire store remodel during the summer of 2011. Needless to say, the new store looks absolutely beautiful!

Initially Dahlkemper’s was looking to become much more efficient. After years of battling the heat and unreliability of high wattage halogen lamps, it was time for some new technology. Green Lighting LED was contacted and during our first store visit, we knew right away that there where large amounts of savings to be had. We would like to thank Ed Dahlkemper for giving us this opportunity.

During the remolding process, we worked very close with Ed Dahlkemper, to find the right products and colors to fit his store. After a few test runs and comparisons, it was decided that the entire store would be lit up using a variety of LED products using a natural color temp of 4100-4500 Kelvin. This color was the most appealing due to its pure white effect that really made the diamonds shine and sparkle. We spec’d LED PAR30’s to be used in ceiling heads to illuminate wall shelves and in ceiling cans to shine directly onto the jewelry cases and cabinets. For more direct lighting behind the counter and in the back office area, LED 2 foot tubes where used to replace fluorescent tubes.

Dahlkemper’s Jewelry Connection Goes Green With LED Lighting

On the business end, Ed has seen a 65-75% reduction in his energy bill. This does not account for the savings the business will see over time by not replacing burnt out bulbs and running large HVAC units to combat the heat given off by those old halogens. We have also sent in applications for energy rebates and incentives, through the local energy company.

Overall, the store looks amazing and customers are constantly complimenting Ed on the new look. We were very happy to have been able to provide the lighting solutions Ed was looking for and during a VIP party to showcase the new store, people where having a hard time keeping their eyes off the diamonds, which look even more amazing than the lights.

Auralux – Made In USA LED Industrial & High Bay Fixtures

We’re creating jobs in Erie, Pennsylvania with energy efficient LED fixtures for parking garages, industrial buildings, and more. We might not fix a recession all by ourselves, but if we sell enough of these new fixtures…we might come close.

The Auralux Series LED fixtures replace fluorescent tube fixtures, high bay fixtures, and industrial fixtures with an energy efficient solution. The tubes are all LED and the entire fixtures, including the tubes, are ETL listed for North America (UL Standards).  Made in USA fixtures are part of a full US*EagLED LED product line from Green Lighting LED.


  • Warehousing / Storage
  • Parking Garages / Car Washes
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Livestock Containment Areas
  • Under Awnings / Kitchens

The fixtures come with one tube, two tube, four tube, and six tube styles. The fixtures easily mount vertically or horizontally on any flat surface with custom mounting brackets. Corded versions are available for each fixture.

These four new Auralux LED fixtures are designed by Americans. The components are sourced from tooling companies living right in the heartland of where tool and die used to thrive (All USA). The final product is manufactured and assembled in Erie, PA. We’re proud to be a growing part of America’s future and even more proud of our new product line.