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LED Light Bulb Comparison: LEDshine360 vs Lighting Science’s Ecosmart A19

Many inexpensive LEDs are popping up all over the place. Everybody’s trying to make an affordable LED to grab a piece of the residential lighting pie. Over Christmas, I saw Lowes and Home Depot both slash bulb prices to below cost to help move product off their shelves. Philip’s Ambient LED (Lowes) was being sold for under $15 and Lighting Science’s Ecosmart (Home Depot) for under $10! Post holiday prices climbed back into reality.

So why didn’t more people jump at the chance to buy the heavily discounted bulbs? Besides price, two issues have a major impact on LED success – shape and spread:


Ecosmart LEDs Don't Compare to LEDshine360

LEDshine360 LED light bulb







Shape: Take a look at the Ecosmart A19 compared to the LEDshine360. One looks like a single scoop of vanilla ice cream cone and the other looks like a regular light bulb.

Spread: The shape of the Ecosmart LED bulb negatively affects performance. We placed both bulbs into a sconce to show the difference between the lamps in a real world setting. The shape, spread, and savings of our new A-style LEDs outperforms the competition. Let us know what you think…which bulb would you prefer in your home?

Ecosmart LED A19 Inside Sconce

LEDshine360 Light Bulb Inside Sconce








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