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LED Tube Review

“In a time in which every business and household is trying to economize, the clean energy technology provided by Green Lighting LED is timely and positive. The lighting products they installed here at the Erie Technology Incubator has proven immensely more efficient, brighter, cleaner, crisper and noticeably more consistent than the previous instruments. Although we have only had them installed a short period of time and have not seen the appreciable reduction in energy cost we expect, I am already convinced to complete the entire transition of the facility’s lighting to LED technology supplied by Green Lighting (LED).”

Russell V. Combs

Executive Director

Erie Technology Incubator


Why Fixture and Bulb Orientation Matters

At this point you’ve already decided to start being more efficient with your lighting, but when it comes to choosing the right bulb for your existing light fixture, careful consideration should be used. How your light fixture is oriented & where it is positioned in the room play an important role when it comes to choosing the correct LED bulbs for your home.

Is your fixture or can set up high in a ceiling? Do you have a few lamps set up around your living room?

PAR bulbs and R20/R30 bulbs work best in areas where light only needs to be directional. For example when upgrading to an LED for your recessed can light over your kitchen counter, you’d want to use a style of bulb that has a 120 or 150 degree beam angle. Sure you could use an A19 style bulb, but you would be wasting a lot of light and it wouldn’t do the best job. Use an R20 in your bedrooms ceiling fan/light fixture.

The same can be said for that lamp in your living room. In a setting of that style you’re not going to want to use a PAR bulb that only shines up. You would also not use the snow cone style A19 bulbs that we are starting to see in Home Depot and Lowes. Those will have the same upwards affect. That lamp needs an LED with 360 degrees of even light distribution. But don’t worry, we have a solution for almost every lighting need. Our new LEDshine360 bulb would fit perfect in your living room, your den, your kids bedroom, even your office.

Your investing in efficient lighting and high quality products so making sure your using the correct style bulb for your fixtures is the last step when it comes to making your home or office as efficient as it can be.