Monthly Archives: February 2012

Are LED Lights Durable?

Incandescent and fluorescent lights shatter. Halogens have much less light output over time the more they are directly handled by people (oil in our hands). LED lights completely change the game. You could play hot potato with our lights without them breaking, but they don’t ever actually get hot enough. Did you know for an LED light bulb to pass regulatory standards we have to drop it from over 4ft without it breaking?

Can we prove LEDs are more durable? No problem. Check out this video of professional snowboarder William Hughe cutting up the slopes at night in southern France. Oh, and don’t try this at home because you are not a professional snowboarder and don’t live in France next to a mountain. If you are, we want our LED jacket back…

These videos are just amazing. All the credit to director Jacob Sutton for the vision and creativity for the first video. Our next video showing off the durability of LED lighting showcases professional big wave surfer Mark Visser in Hawaii at night testing out the latest NASA submarine LED lights on his back:

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