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Top 10 Ranked LED A19 Light Bulbs (#10-6)

Which LED lights are best for your home right now? There’s only 10,000 websites selling bulbs today and each of product’s a little bit different.  So, which one do you cough up the cash for?

The ultimate goal, change your light bulb and have energy savings without making any compromises.  News flash: hasn’t happened yet.  Lots of factors go into our review (look, performance, price, availability), so at the end of the day we might agree to disagree.

Let the debate begin!  Which bulbs did we miss?  Where do you rank them?  Be sure to let us know…

#10 LED Light Bulb Ecosmart

Ecosmart (Lighting Science)’s 8.6W A19, now made famous thanks to the retail prowess of Home Depot.  ***STATS: 8.6W, 430lm, 3000K, 5 year limited warranty*** This bulb is generic as far as LEDs go.  It looks like a snow cone and only shines upwards.  Not in our top 10 for performance (the bottom half of your lamp shade will be dark), this light makes our list at #10 for providing energy savings on a budget.  $10 retail is extremely affordable for LEDs and is certainly cheaper than all the rest of the bulbs that follow.  $10 @ #10.

PROS: $$$

CONS: Nothing Special, ‘snow cone’

Finally, Sylvania showed up to the LED ball game.  ***STATS: 12W, 850lm, 2700K, 3 year warranty*** Initially, they Sylvania A19 LEDwere only selling ‘snow cone’ LEDs without anything innovative — lagging behind competitors GE and Philips.  From snow cone to Star Wars, this tech savvy light drastically improved on their old version (according to multiple reviews).  For a beam angle, it provides a solid 270 degree beam spread.  It looks good inside a lamp shade, but does have hot spots when all on its own.  Priced at $30 it’s comparable to the competition and a 3 year warranty.  This bulb is buzz worthy (it makes a little noise), but that happens with quite a few LED lights.  Overall, it’s a huge improvement for Sylvania, but probably not a bulb for your home (yet).

PROS: Wide beam angle

CONS: Hot spots & buzzing

Toshiba got into LEDs a few years ago, which makes sense for an electronics company.  *** STATS:  8W, 450lm, 2700K, 5 year warranty*** The product line is solid as is their A19, which means it’s standard and nothing fancy. Honestly, you could put 20 different bulbs into this category and interchange them at #10 or #8.  Sorry, Japan, nothing exciting to see here.

PROS: 5 year warranty

CONS: Doesn’t everybody sell something like this?

Welcome to the rankings, USA made LEDnovation!  STATS: 9.4W, 810lm, 2700K CRI 94.  This makes the top 10 for one reason, CRI.  It certainly does not make it for price due to a tag over $45.  For a yellow to pink hue where colors are vibrant, this light year beyond even the Pharox.  Mimicking the claw style of GE, I got faked out into thinking the beam angle on this would be wide…it’s not.  When put into a lampshade, it only shines in 180 degrees, which was disappointing.  With such a high price tag, the beam angle needs to improve on this A19.

PROS: CRI, Made in USA

CONS: $$$, Beam Angle

With all due respect to the BIG3, their A19s were not the first to revolutionize the industry.  The first commercialized LED A19 sold in the millions without a BIG tag on it was…Pharox.  ***STATS: 8W, 416lm, 2700K, 3 year warranty***  Pharox has always offered solid dimmability and a 250-270 degree beam spread and a high CRI.  The latest model A19 has a slick heat sink and CRI of 88.  Colors jump under this light and with the nice beam spread, you can actually see those colors in a lamp shade.  With a price at $20, Pharox made itself formidable again.  Some buzzing while dimming.

PROS: Wide beam angle, smooth light distribution, good price

CONS: Buzz, snow cone

Halfway home folks, what do you think so far?