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Green Lighting LED Proud Energy Star Partners

Green Lighting LED now offers a product series that has earned the government’s Energy Star label.  We are proud partners with Energy Star to insure a sustainable (and well lit) future.

Green Lighting LED Energy Star Partner

Green Lighting LED is now a proud Energy Star partner.

How does this partnership benefit me?

Our product line of Energy Star approved LED lights include our PAR30 & PAR38 bulbs with MR16s completing in the next few weeks.  Many energy rebates are available for those who buy Energy Star.  For more information, please visit:

What is Energy Star?

ENERGY STAR is the government-backed program that helps us all save money and protect our environment with energy-efficient products and practices.

Note that the partner’s web site should also identify the specific ENERGY STAR qualified product(s) manufactured or sold (including model numbers).