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Friday Night (LED) Lights: Coney Island Parachute Ride

We are starting a new Friday blog series at Green Lighting LED highlighting fun and unique LED installation stories and projects.  This series will include lots of videos and photos of the installation highlighting the diversity, flexibility, durability and fun factor LEDs have over conventional lighting.  We’ve highlighting cool uses of LEDs in previous posts and had a strong response from our readers.  So, why not make this a weekly event?  Let’s call it Friday Night Lights…

Friday Night (LED) Lights: Coney Island Parachute

Brooklyn plans to install 8000 LEDs to transform the currently inoperable, but historic Coney Island parachute ride into a modern Eiffel Tower.  The current lighting system was just created in 2006 by renowned artist Leni Schwendinger, but it determined to be time for an update.  The new LED system will be programmable for shows, special events and music.  It will even be visible from outer space according to Borough President Marty Markowitz.

The new system will cost the city about 2 million for the now long, inoperable ride.  The former ride relocated in Coney Island in 1941 and declared a landmark in 1989. 

The final approval for the project will happen on December 11 and the installation should be completed by the summer.  We’ll hit you up with a video once the project is completed, but for now here is a photo:

  • Total LEDs: 8000
  • Total Cost: $2 million
  • Programmable using DMX control and RGB LEDs

Bridgeway Capital hosts Green Lighting LED at Heinz Field

Bridgeway Capital hosted Green Lighting LED and two other companies at Heinz Field (home to the Pittsburgh Steelers) highlighting our company and the impact in western Pennsylvania.  Bridgeway Capital partnered with Green Lighting LED this year allowing for increases in jobs and manufacturing in the Erie community.  Please enjoy the video which showcased us at the event:

Bridgeway is a non-profit focused on western PA’s entrepreneurs allowing for business growth and success — which in turn benefits our region of the country.  They recently expanded with an office in Erie and quickly turned into a resource for Green Lighting LED.  The Erie community as a whole has been outstanding for our company since we began in 2007.  From starting up, to moving, and our subsequent expansion into manufacturing this year, our region truly is a thriving community for businesses.

Bridgeway hosted the event on November 1, which included a private tour of Heinz Field.  Three months ago I had no idea Terry Bradshaw would endorse our LEDshine360 and I’d get to stand next to Big Ben’s locker.  It’s almost enough to turn a Niners fan into a…nevermind…almost.  Thanks again to Bridgeway for a fantastic partnership and ‘A Legendary Evening’ last week.  Our LED lights and fixtures are lighting up the country because of your support and the support of our community.  For more information on Bridgeway Capital and ‘A Legendary Evening’ check it out here.