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LED Lighting, ARRA & Buy American FAQ

Green Lighting LED now offers LED lights and fixtures manufactured in Pennsylvania and comply with ARRA’s Buy American guidelines.  We are proud to bring manufacturing back to the USA.

We view our LED product line has having multiple benefits.  The most positive benefit is to our customers, who enjoy long term savings on their energy bills.  Our products decrease in overall power consumption and have no mercury, which helps the environment.  Also, we manufacture the US*EagLED series in Pennsylvania, boosting our local economy and increasing jobs in Erie, our hometown.

What products meet the Buy American provision of ARRA? (Click here to view our ARRA & Buy American LED lighting series)

  • LED tubes
  • LED tube fixtures
  • LED PAR series lamps
  • LED R series lamps
  • MR16s

ARRA Project Requirements:

To qualify for stimulus funding, the legislation requires certain criteria for manufactured goods.  Departments must support projects of a sustainable nature.  They need to support job retention or creation with long term benefits versus short term economic spikes.  Every project requires transparency on where the funds are spent.

What is Buy American provision within the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act?

For projects using LEDs requiring ARRA compliance, any domestic product must be manufactured in the USA, but that does not include any requirement to the origin of components.  For example, our product line is manufactured in the USA from foreign and domestic components.  Our products do have components sourced from different locations worldwide, but the lights and fixtures are manufactured in Pennsylvania.

For more information about our product line manufactured in Pennsylvania, please contact us.



London Bridge Royal LED Lighting

The London Bridge has energy bills that are falling down.  Today for our Friday Night (LED) Lights we’re highlighting a historic moment for England’s Queen Elizabeth II.  60 years ago, young and vibrant princess Elizabeth inherited the throne.  Still a vibrant part of current culture, politics and tradition, the Queen’s reign continues in 2012.

To celebrate the historic milestone and in preparation for London’s 2012 hosting of the Summer Olympics, the 117-year-old Tower Bridge got decked out in thousands of LED lights.  The installation took 6 months to complete.  Crews laid 6,500 feet of linear LED lights, 1,800 LED lamps, and 1,000 junction boxes running over 16,500 feet of cable.

London isn’t known for its pristine weather conditions, so the new installation is a testament to the durability of LED lighting.  The design crew anticipates the lights to weather 25 years London’s rain saving 40% of the energy of the old lighting system.

First, labor and energy savings: No maintenance for 25 years.  Using roughly half of the energy.  Second, it looks way better (just see our before and after photos below):  Fully programmable RGB LED strips.  Crisp color with higher rendering than before.  The benefits of switching her majesty’s bridge to LED lighting makes the London Bridge our Friday Night (LED) Light case study of the week.