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PRESS RELEASE: New, customized LED streetlight fixtures & parking lot LED fixtures

PRESS RELEASE: New STOCKED LED Streetlight / Parking Lot Light Fixtures with Custom Engineering from Green Lighting LED!

Quality, custom lighting solutions.  American engineering & assembly.  Short lead times.  Financing Available

Our LED parking lot fixtures can be customized to your location. We’ll spec the right optic and angle for proper distribution at your facility.

Quality LED Streetlight & Parking Lot Light Fixtures

Our LED streetlight and parking lot fixtures provide you with the custom lighting solution required for your next project.  Green Lighting LED now provides fixtures with modular die cast aluminum columns for heat sinking.  Each column consumes only 30 watts of power, which allows the fixtures to range from 30-300W of total power consumption.

Our unique design allows for tool free maintenance through a reliable snap-in opening and closing with quick access to the Phillips driver and electrical components.  This makes installation a synch compared to most LED light fixtures currently imported from the Far East – oh and by the way we make our fixtures right here in the USA.  Of course, all of our LED streetlight and parking lot fixtures are waterproof (IP66 rated) and ready for the outdoors.

Custom Lighting Solutions meeting IES recommended lighting levels

We work hand in hand with our distributors to provide custom lighting solutions for the diverse arrangements of parking lot lights and streetlight applications.  Chances are if you visit 10 different parking lots today, you will see 10 different arrangements of lighting poles spaced uniquely throughout the facility.  Proper lighting levels is critical for safety of customers and employees in parking lots and for patrons in the street. Check out this custom photometric layout for LED parking lot fixtures in Stonebrook (we want to provide the same service for you): LED Parking Lot Light Fixture 

Our engineers work with you to learn about the lighting you

LED Lighting Module

We can change the optics on our LED lighting module to match the light distribution needs at your facility. LED parking lot fixtures provide energy saving solutions for your facility.

currently have.  This includes where the poles are located, how high up the poles are, your current fixture and wattage of bulb.  We take this information and optimize a lighting solution to meet IES recommendations for foot candles at your facility.  We customize the correct wattage, optic lens and distribution type, and the proper angle to mount the fixture.   LED parking lot fixtures!

If you like, we can even custom paint your fixture to match any color you prefer, although our standards are silver, black or bronze.

Manufactured in the USA & stocked in the USA

Component stock is on site and our team rapidly completes complex assembly in the USA meeting Buy American & ARRA requirements. This allows us to provide an American manufactured lighting solution with a short lead time.  For projects involving a few hundred units or less, typical lead time is 2 weeks.

Green Lighting LED has the LED lighting fixtures manufactured in the USA, engineered in the USA, and customized for your next lighting project.  Whether for parking lots or streetlights, we ensure the proper lighting levels by providing specified reports from our IES files for your project.

Financing Options Available

We work directly with our distributors to provide financing for any project above $5,000 with no cap.  Approvals happen within 24-48 hours and we can finance the entire project including installation for up to 5 years.  No down payment required and our LED streetlight fixtures pay for themselves!  Learn more about our financing options here.

So for your next LED street light fixture or LED parking lot fixture project, we want to work 1 on 1 with you to provide a custom lighting solution suited to your customer’s facility.  For more information, please contact Green Lighting LED today.  We look forward to working with you.

LED Light Bulb Gets Run Over By Truck & Survives (Video)

What happens when you run over our LED light bulb with a truck?

Light bulbs smash, shatter, splinter and get destroyed when run over by almost 5000lbs.  It’s okay, most things do.  Your computer would get crushed, so would your TV, and your iPod or radio.  Almost everything electronic will get demolished when run over by a truck, including most light bulbs.

Our LEDshine360 LED light bulb survives getting run over by a truck.

LEDshine360 6 Watt LED Light Bulb

LEDshine360 LED Light Bulb

That’s right! We put our light bulb through the ultimate test and ran the LED shine360 over with our company Toyota Tacoma.  We set the bulb on a hard surface, so nobody could make excuses.  The light bulb was then run over by our truck.  The driver gets out of the car, screws in the bulb and – presto!  LED there be LIGHT!  Oh, and we recorded the whole thing.  So don’t take our word for it, check out our video of our LED light bulb surviving getting run over by a truck.

 Yep, it still lights up!

We keep putting our LED light bulb, the LEDshine360, through a series of durability tests.  It’s the most durable light bulb on the planet, and we can prove it.  Consider this series of videos the ‘Tough Mudder’ of LED lighting – or lighting in general.

Of course, runners of the Tough Mudder can technically pass on certain obstacles during the run.  Our LED light bulb had nowhere to run.  The truck ran it over.  It survived and still lights up.  Think about how durable that would be in your home.  Kid proof.  Drop proof.  Shatter proof.  Truck proof.

That’s the LEDshine360.   Truck proof.