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Tomorr05d75790d7b9e942e098511f02831352ow is Valentines Day.   I know, I know.  Valentines Day is one of those holidays you either love or you ….. well …. dis-like immensely (the “H” word is kind of strong … or may be it isn’t … but that is a whole different conversation).


I happen to love any reason to decorate.

Even if it is a mushy over rated holiday.




My favorite …. yep you guessed it. Novelty! I love decorating and re-arranging and re-decorating and re-arranging and well … you get the picture.


LED options are growing in leaps and bounds in just about every lighting application you can think of. LEDs have infiltrated every segment of the lighting industry form retail, office, warehousing, stadiums and street lights to hospitality and healthcare.


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There are just so many cool ideas out there.

So be creative.

Be wild at heart. Experiment.LL98-43-R~Red-Heart-Lights_P3

Most of all light up your world !

  Everyday !