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LED Retrofit Kit

3 Easy Steps: Pick the Right LED Retrofit Kit vs HID / HPS

How do you choose the right LED model to retrofit HID fixtures?  How do you know X watt of LED really equals 400 watt of HID?  You need to spec the right wattage, the right product, every time.  Follow these easy steps to spec the right product every time and close more projects faster with each decision maker.

LED Retrofit Kit

LED retrofit kits replace HID and HPS lamps, but how do you chose the right model?

3 Simple Steps to Compare & Spec LED to HID Metal Halide

  1. Mean lumens of HID* x Efficiency of Fixture** = Effective Lumens
  2. Match HID fixture effective lumens with LED retrofit kit or fixture
  3. Select the matching LED retrofit kit and quote your customer

3 Simple Steps to Compare & Spec LED to HPS High Pressure Sodium

  1. Mean lumens of HPS* x Efficiency of Fixture** x 0.38 for perceived lumens = Effective (Perceived) Lumens
  2. Match HPS fixture effective lumens with LED retrofit kit or fixture
  3. Select the matching LED retrofit kit and quote your customer

Example: 250 Watt HID high bay project

250W HID = 21,250lm x 0.65 (mean lumen calculation) x 0.65 fixture efficiency = 8,978 effective lumens per fixture

Our 80 Watt LED Retrofit Kit matches perfectly to replace this 250W HID for this example.

Note: Mean lumens vary per manufacturer and each fixture has a unique efficiency value.  While many people use somewhere between .6~.7 efficiency for high bays and .65 to .7 for shoebox fixtures – much higher efficiency reflectors exist.  The above is only an example and exact data is available with each respective fixture.

For many lighting projects, specking the right LED retrofit solution replacing metal halide HID is this simple.  For more detailed comparisons, Green Lighting LED has IES files and can run photometric layouts as a free service for any energy saving project.

How to change a light bulb to LED in 4 simple steps!

We want to help make your LED lighting conversion as easy as possible.  So, we thought, let’s have some fun with an installation video on how to install LED light bulbs in your home.

LED Light Bulb

How to change a light bulb to LED in 4 simple steps!

Unlike your mother’s secret recipe for guacamole, we’re sharing this no

-so-secret recipe.  We broke it down into four easy steps:

  1. Turn off your lights – you don’t want to burn yourself or get shocked from old, inefficient lighting.
  2. Unscrew your current light bulb.
  3. Screw in an LED light bulb.
  4. Turn the lights back on and enjoy the savings!

Too complicated?  Don’t worry and enjoy our video on how to install an LED light bulb:

LED lighting is probably the easiest way to ‘go green’ for your household.  Just buy purchasing a few light bulbs you can make an impact.  A 100 watt light bulb being used for a few hours per day emits over 100kg of CO2 during one year alone.  Now, expand that out to all the light bulbs in your house – you’ll be surprised how many you have.  You can cut the CO2 emissions down about 80% just by taking the simple steps of changing a light bulb.

Not only does changing a light bulb help Mother Nature, it also helps your wallet.  By making the simple investment in a LED light bulb, you save over $250 per bulb over the life of the bulb.  Multiply that by the 25 bulbs in your house and you save well over $6,000 over the life of your bulbs!

Saving money just got easier.  So did going green.  It’s as easy as changing a light bulb.  Follow the easy installation instructions in our video to learn how to change your current light bulbs to LED.  Have some fun, we did!