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One City’s use of LED lighting turns a bridge into more than a means of getting from one side of the river to the other.

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck. We have all heard that old saying a time or two…right?
Well, how about this Pawtucket River Bridgeone? It looks like a bridge and acts like a bridge, it is just a bridge. Ok may be you haven’t heard that one before. But the citizens of the City of Pawtucket Rhode Island have.
During the 19th century, Pawtucket’s Slater’s Mill marked the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and the bridge spanning the river became a commercial thoroughfare. Last built in 1958 the Pawtucket Bridge was becoming a safety hazard.
The people of Pawtucket wanted to do more than create a linkage over a relatively narrow New England waterway. They wanted to convey and showcase the series of extraordinary events that for centuries converged at this very spot.
From hand-hewn covered bridges to steel and concrete marvels, Rhode Islanders have long expressed pride in bridges and regard them as iconic structures.
Local and state officials worked with several companies in collaboration to build a structure that was more than just a means to allow drivers to cross the Pawtucket River on Rte. 95.
The new bridge is a beacon for Pawtucket blending with the city’s historic landscape and features enhanced lighting.
One of the brightest features of the Pawtucket River Bridge is the use of LED lighting. The obvious attention surrounding the LED lighting deals with the design aspects. The LED lighting enhances the look of the bridge and is easily changeable. Additionally there are many practical advantages of LED lighting over conventional lighting in this application and all forms of industrial, commercial and home lighting. LED lighting is much more efficient and last longer. LED lighting is eco-friendly because they do not emit any toxins or harmful UV radiation. They are flexible, durable and work well in all temperatures making LED lights a great choice for most traditional and design oriented projects.
The Pawtucket River Bridge project earned the 2013 AIA RI Honor APawtucket River Bridge2ward for Urban Design and the 2014 Illuminating Engineering Society Award of Merit and has received other recognition throughout the world.  You can learn more about this project at http://bit.ly/1ziWGiK

Top 5 Reasons LEDs Make Your St. Patrick’s Day Outfit Better

5 Reasons Your St. Patrick’s Day Outfit is 5x Better With LEDs

I bet you’re Irish through your mother’s, sister’s cousin-in-law today, right?  The pyramids went all Irish to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with LED lighting.Time to celebrate that heritage!  LED lighting revolutionized how we celebrate the little leprechaun inside all of us.  Ten years ago we still had green beer, and rivers ran green…but guess what?! LED lights made this fun filled day brighter and better.  Not only do LEDs make the Empire State Building and the Pyramids Irish for a day, they also make your holiday excursion outfit tops in our books.

Our Top 5:

Make your hair green this year with LEDs. 
Dying your hair green is a decision you enjoy for a day and regret for a month.
LED wigs make St. Patrick's Day Light Up the Party!

Enough already.  Stop dying your hair and making your blonde mass turn puke green for a month.  Odds are you’ll have been exposed to enough puke already if your evening decisions match your hair.  LED wigs look way cooler anyways (literally, right?  Incandescent wigs caused as many house fires as candle Christmas trees).  People will want to share your LED hair and you’ll light up the night.  (LEDs are cooler to the touch)

2.       Bow ties needed something spicy to mix it up. 

LED Bow Tie will brighten your St. Patrick's Day celebrations!

Let’s face reality – the bow tie is a dying breed.  If it wasn’t for Bill Nye the Science Guy, they might already be extinct.  LEDs just gave your green bow tie longer life and hope.   Now, you show up looking dapper and modern.  Tuxedo tee shirt is optional.  (LEDs last longer)

Green St. Patrick's Day glasses will help you see better at night!

Green St. Patrick’s Day glasses will help you see better at night!

3.       Google glass still doesn’t come with an illuminated, flashing green version.  Forget green tinted glasses that get propped up on the top of your head when the sun sets.  And forget Google Glass that won’t make you the light of the party.  Plus, these glasses cost way less than Google Glass.  It’s time to put on some LED shades for the day.  You’ll be able to tell your friends about how much money you saved by switching to LED glasses instead of Google Glass.  (LEDs save you $)

4.       You might not make it back home with the same grace you left.  Whether making a tour of your local downtown or drinking from the fountain of youth at a friend’s, you might not return home with the same zip and zeal you had when you left.  While I’m sure you’ve never stumbled, fumbled, misplaced, or danced an Irish jig around a bush outside…while we’re quite sure you’ve chosen each of these items because of your responsible (and in no way outlandish) behavior.  Just in case you trip over that piece of sidewalk that came out of nowhere – you might get scraped up, but the lights will keep on shining!  (LEDs are durable)

5.       This Guy:  

Just imagine, this could be you!

Just imagine, this could be you!

So before you leave your house this afternoon, thank your lucky stars for LED lighting and how our green technology makes this holiday light up better than ever.  Be sure to send us pictures of your St. Patrick’s Day outfits that use LEDs.  You might just make our follow up blog post and FB Page!