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We are proud to introduce eco-friendly LED lighting from Green Lighting LED. LED lights use about 1/10 the amount of energy used in traditional light bulbs. LED light bulbs last about 30 times longer than traditional light bulbs and are now used in everything from elegant dimmable LED lighting to LED waterproof lights for outdoor applications.

The opening paragraph from Thomas Edison's patent application filed on November 4, 1879 marked a new era of technology lighting a path to the future: "To Whom it may concern: Be it known that I, Thomas Alva Edison, of Menlo Park, in the State of New Jersey, United States of America, have invented an improvement on Electric Lamps."

Today, we are on the cusp of another revolution with a new era of energy efficient, environmentally friendly lighting technologies. There is an environmentally sustainable lighting solution for nearly every residential, commercial and industrial lighting need with technologies that include LED light bulb, and LED tubes in a variety of lighting configurations. Some of the lighting options available include LED strip lighting, LED outdoor lights, LED street lights, LED spot lights, LED rope lights and other LED lights for indoor and outdoor home and business applications.

LED lighting offers many benefits to switching to LED lights:
  • Save Energy: An LED light bulb uses only 1/10 the energy of an incandescent bulb
  • Save Money: Using less energy and replacing light bulbs less frequently saves money. You will experience savings on your energy bills and because you are not replacing light bulbs for years at a time, you will spend less on lighting.
  • Save the Planet: Switching to LED bulbs takes less space in landfills and uses less energy to manufacture, compared with incandescent bulbs. When you consider that an LED light bulb contains no mercury and can be recycled, LED lights have a clear advantage for the environment.

Browse our product catalog to find a great selection of lighting technologies for your home or business. Take some time to view our catalog to find LED fluorescent tubes, dimmable LED bulbs, LED landscape lights, LED rope lighting and much more.


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